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Just got a sneak peek at what @EurekaHealthApp
is building for the #LongCovid community and I am beyond excited!!!!  A dedicated space for sharing what everyone is trying is so badly needed


Eureka helps me remember understand correlation between interventions and outcomes. I couldn’t do it without Eureka and I’m really thankful to have Eureka to help me.

Sarah Voska

Eureka is a really intuitive and easy tool for me to track my long covid symptoms and how they’re changing over time. I’m so happy that I can look back on months of data and see improvements in my health based on what I’m trying!


I am enjoying the app and the reminders to take my LDN and to record my results at the end of the day. The support is absolutely amazing.

Sherry Shoemaker

I really like that the app and tracking is so easy, with just a few items to log. And I like the reminders. Not too many, but enough to remind me to do logging.

Amy Thompson

Eureka is really trying to build something that makes a difference!

Gez Medinger

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Amy saw substantial benefit and improved her brain fog while on Nattokinase.
Frederick found moderate benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
Jarred saw no benefit from Niacin, and experienced moderate side effects.

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Richard Kravitz, MD

Distinguished Professor, UC Davis; Leading N-of-1 Researcher


Patient advisor, former astrophysics researcher. @ales_frost

Jason Bobe

Professor, Mount Sinai; Founder,


Patient advisor, advocate, climate activist. @svoska


Patient advisor, punk fan, hopeful for new cures. @HelenHa17115145

Marty Tenembaum, PhD

Founder, Cancer Commons; Co-Founder, xCures


Patient advisor, mom, organizer. @rj_letts

Noah Zimmerman, PhD

Vice President, Tempus; Leading N-of-1 Researcher


Patient advisor, avid personal experimenter. @MaurijnRezvani


Patient advisor, playwright and director.


Patient advisor, advocate, communicator, developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Eureka exist?

Eureka’s mission is to discover and validate new treatments and cures 10x faster than what’s possible today. Existing clinical trials are slow, expensive, and ignore entire categories of potential treatments. By empowering a thriving community of patients, researchers, and doctors with cutting edge technology, we think we can do better.

What is Eureka?

Eureka is an information hub that aggregates and summarizes the latest information on promising new treatments. It’s fed with data from the latest scientific studies, and from the patient community tracking how things are impacting them.

Why do you have treatments that haven’t yet completed clinical trials?

Telling patients to “sit tight and do nothing” for years while clinical trials are completed just doesn’t cut it. We’re all hungry to learn more about what’s out there, and what we can do today. With that said, we’re only providing information, not medical advice, and any experimental treatments should be taken under the supervision of a trained clinician.

Are you a replacement for my doctor?

No. We’re here to help you discover your options, and to help you track the impact if you do end up trying something, but you should always check with your doctor to ensure a given treatment is right for you.

What platforms do you support?

Anyone with a web browser can browse Eureka programs. Our app is currently only on iOS, but we have plans to support Android soon. Note that we're not on the app store yet, so you'll need to use the Testflight invitation in your email.

How are you different from yet another symptom tracker?

We’re focused on helping you figure out the impact of new treatments you’re trying, rather than just tracking how you’re feeling over time. We also provide a clearer picture of how your Long Covid or ME/CFS is progressing, with wearable metrics (HRV, Resting Heart Rate, Sleep Quality, SP02, and others) and validated self-reported symptom surveys.

How much does Eureka cost?

It’s totally free! We strongly believe that all patients should have access to the best information and best tools, not just those who can afford it.

What’s your business model?

In cases where it’s valuable for you, we plan to provide (clearly marked) “sponsored” products and services. If you purchase a supplement via a Eureka affiliate link, we make some money (for no additional cost to you) and you help support the community.

What will Eureka do with my data?

We feel strongly that your data is yours alone, and use state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your data is safe. You’re free to share your data with the community or with approved researchers if you’d like.

Do I need an official Long Covid or ME/CFS diagnosis to join?

No. Diagnosing these diseases can be tricky, and we’re here to help anyone who thinks our app could be useful for them.