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Better manage your Long Covid

We make it easy to figure out if a new treatment, habit, supplement, or diet change actually helps. Plus, your data can help the community learn what works on who.

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Long Covid

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Which supplements improve my brain fog the most?

Jane improved her brain fog by 20% with 500mg Choline and 400mg Co-Q10.

What can I do to reduce my Long Covid related fatigue?

Taylor improved his long covid-related fatigue by 24% with acupuncture 3x/week and 20 minutes of daily direct sunshine.

What is triggering my regular headaches?

Diya decreased her headache frequency by 80% by cutting alcohol and refined sugar.

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We give you the tools to better manage your health.
High quality experiment design and analysis for better answers.
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We can help test habits, diets, supplements, or even drugs you’ve been prescribed.
Discover the health stack that works best for you.
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You can test something you’d already like to try, or you can choose something that’s working for others in the community.

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We make it easy to track what needs to be done, and what data needs to be logged, each day of your experiment.

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Once you’re tracked enough data, we’ll send you a breakdown of your trial results.

Our Story

We’ve struggled with our own chronic health issues. We’ve tried to help family members manage their own illnesses. We know firsthand how isolating and hopeless it can feel trying to get your health, and life, back on track. Eureka is the tool we wished existed, so we can stop guessing, start measuring, and make real progress.

Zain Memon

CEO & Co-Founder

Noah MacCallum

Head of Product & Co-Founder

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board
Richard Kravitz, MD
Distinguished Professor, UC Davis; Leading N-of-1 Researcher
Jason Bobe
Professor, Mount Sinai; Founder,
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Noah Zimmerman
Vice President, Tempus; Leading N-of-1 Researcher
Marty Tenembaum, PhD
Founder, Cancer Commons; Co-Founder, xCures
Take control of your Long Covid
Elevate your self-care and make real progress towards a better you.
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