Just Shipped: Your Trial Results Page

Treating Long Covid involves a lot of “try stuff to see what works”.

Eureka is an app that helps you run a trial on yourself, so you can actually tell if something helps or not

“Running a trial” means three steps:

  1. Pick an outcome you want to improve, like sleep, pain symptoms, or focus
  2. Collect data for a few days
  3. Check out your trial results

Here’s an example from a trial ran by one of our users suffering from Long Covid: does Vitamin B12 reduce brain fog?

The Key Result.

For this user, Vitamin B12 does seem to improve their brain fog significantly.

Other Correlations.

The app also found some other interesting correlations:

Of course, these were just the correlations that the app found to be useful. It’s also possible to slice and dice the data in different ways to eyeball the results:

How do we know?

Eureka’s trials are fast, rigorous, and personalized. They are structured using the latest research in “N-of-1” trials. We help you run rigorous trials by answering questions like:

  • How many days are required to figure out if something worked?
  • How can I measure the outcome I want to improve?
  • How long should my baseline data collection period be?

To generate your trial results, we run advanced statistical models to give you confidence that you're learning as much as you can from your data.

Most importantly: the data you collected during the trial is a more complete picture of your health than available anywhere else, even your doctor's notes. So the insights we give you are more meaningful and interesting.

Want to see if a new medication or supplement can help your Long Covid symptoms? Sign up at We're here to accelerate your pursuit of better health.