We exist to accelerate every human’s pursuit of better health

We’ve struggled with our own chronic health issues. We’ve tried to help family members manage their own illnesses. We know firsthand how isolating and hopeless it can feel trying to get your health, and life, back on track. Eureka is the tool we wished existed, so we can stop guessing, start measuring, and make real progress.

Meet the team

Noah MacCallum
Head of Product & Co-Founder
Zain Memon
CEO & Co-Founder
Michelle Vandy
Product Designer
Sina Hartung
Head of Product & Co-Founder

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

Richard Kravitz,
MDDistinguished Professor, UC Davis; Leading N-of-1 Researcher
Marty Tenembaum
PhDFounder, Cancer Commons; Co-Founder, xCures
Jason Bobe
Professor, Mount Sinai; Founder, DIYbio.org
Noah Zimmerman
Vice President, Tempus; Leading N-of-1 Researcher

To Better Health

Discover what the community is trying and determine what works for you.

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